Pathway I: Writing Your Life

Foreword by Kai Nieminen

I first met Dr. Sky—Sirkku Hiltunen, as I then knew her—at a very crucial point of my life—mundanely crucial. I was 20 years old and had started my studies of philosophy at the Helsinki University, although I was a lazy student. The Finnish National Broadcasting Company had accepted my Opus One, Tree, a radio drama, into their repertoire. First we met in an editing session in a book café in Helsinki, where Dr. Sky advised me how to polish some parts of the play; we also discussed about what should be the final names of the roles. In January 1971, I was invited to the studios to participate in the final rehearsals and recording of the drama. My play was tinted by Buddhist thought, because while writing it, I had been reading books on Buddha and the history of Buddhism and Zen. Simply said, I was “under an influence.” More…

Foreword by Sarah Pickert

I met Dr. Sky in Washington, DC, in 1979, when she enrolled in a doctoral program at Catholic University of America, where I taught. She wanted to create a curriculum for students with Mental Retardation based on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. I knew something about Piaget and very little about Mental Retardation but, as she was determined to pursue this topic and seemed to be a serious student, I encouraged her to do so. After she graduated, she and Dr. Do established a school for Individuals with Mental Retardation not far from the university. More…

Pathway II: Imaging Your Life

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Pathway III & IV: Masks and Rituals

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